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YouTube Shorts: Quick tips to make the best out of this new YouTube feature!

If you’re a content creator who is using Youtube daily, you’re probably noticed how YouTube shorts are become more and more trendy and you have been wondering how to get the most from YouTube’s new shorts feature.

And, this isn’t difficult! Let’s see some tip to get the best out of them and have a huge reach.

  • Add a hashtag.
  • Add filters and music to the video. Shorts is similar to tiktok, so to go viral use the same recipe. Apply filters and great music, so that you’ll be able to get the most exposure for your shorts.
  • Stick to your channel audience. When you’re making a YouTube Short, it’s important to consider the intent of the audience, hence what your channel is about and your usual viewers expect. For example, someone who is interested in sports may want to see a hockey short. A baseball fan might want to learn more about the baseball team’s mascot. However, if you’re aiming to educate the audience, a story that’s emotional can be powerful. The goal is to entertain the viewer, or at least to inspire them.
  • Add captions. Captions will make the shorts easy to understand for everyone (universally) and will also allow you to have a bigger impact on viewer’s memory.
  • Redirect to your main channel and videos. You should also post a link to your YouTube Channel or your best (long) videos. You can do this also in the comments section, where you can pin your content. This will increase your engagement on your videos and help you gain more subscribers.

To wrap-up: The YouTube Shorts feature is a great marketing tool. A good short can capture the attention of a targeted audience, build trust, and promote your products. It is also a fast and easy way to get more views. In fact, you can make the most of YouTube Shorts Feature by posting related videos to your niche. Good luck!



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