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5 Famous YouTubers who don’t make videos anymore and why?

YouTube is an incredible medium for video creation, and it has many famous YouTubers. While some of them have taken a step back from video production, others have become a staple in their respective niches. Here are five of the most popular creators who have gone silent on their channels. If you are wondering why one YouTuber isn’t making videos, here are a few reasons why.

Joji Miller

Famous for his character Filthy Frank, Joji Miller has 6.61 million subscribers. His videos are known for promoting his record label, and they were a staple on YouTube. However, his YouTube channel was criticized for being anti-vlogger. After suffering seizures, he decided to stop making videos and focus on being a rapper. Now, he’s working on his next career as a writer.


Justin Oakley is a music video producer and owner of KondZilla Records. His YouTube channel is made up of music videos and behind the scenes footage from his record label. He’s a YouTuber who also runs a music label and has become one of the most popular. But his content isn’t limited to YouTube. Despite the huge potential of YouTube, he’s not making any new videos.

Zoe Sugg

The U.K.’s biggest beauty YouTuber, Zoella’s channel gained over 11.6 million subscribers. After two years on YouTube, she quit the channel without telling anyone about the decision. She subsequently started a new channel, Zoella, which has 4.85 million subscribers. Her other channel, Machinima, had 12.2 millions subscribers and a long run of success.

In addition to being a vlogger, a famous YouTuber can also get rich from his content. Some of these vloggers are even famous enough to become celebrities. But others don’t make videos anymore for various reasons. For instance, their favorite topic might not be YouTube’s main focus. Instead, they might have other projects they want to promote. For those reasons, it is essential to stay away from controversial YouTubers.

Some people may be surprised to learn that they’re no longer making YouTube videos. This is an indication that they are leaving the platform for another purpose. The YouTubers who continue to make videos are more likely to be popular and influential than those who don’t. Some of them might be better known than others. A recent study found that the average YouTubers who post videos have higher engagement rates.

Whether you’re a fan of YouTube’s most popular videos or not, it’s important to understand why these people stopped making them. Some of these people are well-known for their content, while others have made it their entire livelihood. While YouTubers are often known for their skills and passion, some have chosen to take a step back and not make any more.

Felix Kjellberg

The YouTube king Felix Kjellberg, formerly known as “sxephil,” was once the biggest beauty YouTuber in the world. In his early days, he would make vlogs on gaming and video games, and his channel had over 11.6 million subscribers. While this is a good sign, he had to consider the fact that his work was in the public eye for quite some time.

A lot of famous YouTubers have a reason for not making videos. Whether it’s personal reasons or other reasons, these people aren’t doing it because they are insecure or afraid they’ll lose out on the income. So, if you’re in the market for new content, consider following these YouTubers and getting in touch with their fans.


The SevenSuperGirls have been on the internet for almost ten years, but they’re no longer on YouTube. The reason? They don’t want to post their videos on the site. This could lead to their demise. This is why they don’t make videos. The reason behind this is unclear. There are no clear reasons, but they’re all still devoted to their passion and love for the platform.



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