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The YouTube Playlist Method Revealed

Youtube playlist has a secret, the method that some people have been now talking for a while. Which is apparently, used to secretly boost youtube channels and videos, up to millions and millions of views. We made some research and finally, found someone who explained to us the basic principle of it! We will simply report what he told us, word for word. Enjoy 🙂

“So, take the example of an animated children’s channel with 100 videos, of 10 minutes each. Having a playlist encourages the viewer to watch the next video in the list. And after viewing a video, YouTube will suggest the next video in the list, right?

It is also true and typical for YouTube viewers to drop off after less than 2 minutes. Regardless of the type of content. And that is why the playlist method is so effective, by boosting ranking, watch time and video suggestion.

How to Increase YouTubeViews?

Multiple channels increase the YouTube Views. For example, 10 channels with playlists with the same videos.

Then you don’t have just one channel, with a list of 100 videos suggested. But ten or more, each suggesting the same content you have on your channel. Basically, you are creating a loophole where, as soon as a user lands on one of the videos. The algorithm stars suggesting as similar videos all the videos from the other channels in the playlist…which, obviously, belong to the same people.

And since the playlists get boosted, despite the low interaction rate, the viewer retention is high. Because as you know the playlist will skip to the next video only when 100% retention is reached.

With usual content, 1000 views usually require 1,000 interactions to give those views weight in the algorithm. Due to the retention level exceeding the usual under 2 minutes retention with 1000 high retention views (10 minutes versus 30 seconds), the algorithm heavily weights the views.

You could create a YouTube Playlist of 100 cartoons on your channel to start. From videos of several channels you and your friends own. A playlist can then be created on a new channel and another one again. Always using the same channels and videos.

Tricks to Increase the YouTube Views

The key is to vary the content on each channel and playlist, but by keeping the same channels mostly.

Because creating a copy of the mother channel with identical content and a copy of the playlists will trigger the algorithm. And your channel will be shut down.

So, in a playlist of 100 videos, one channel may have just 10 cartoons in the playlist, for example.

Add then another 10 videos from another channel. 5 from another smaller one, a random one going viral, and so on. This way flagging does not occur and the method will be effective.

Usually, in the playlist method there is a mother channel which gets most of the boost. Some of the videos of the mother channel are included in each playlist, where each new cartoon published will be followed by a playlist of 10 or 50 new cartoons.

Our Verdict

Basically, you’re increasing views by moving the mother channel’s content higher up in the rankings because the viewer retention rates are higher than average.

Using the playlists suggesting other channels’ content, 100 videos with 10 minute retention per video gets multiplied by 10 50 or 100 times.

Accordingly, the mother channels 100 videos are recommended more and more as they move up in the rankings with every 10 minute high retention view.”



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