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Why YouTube Launched ‘Shorts’ And How To Upload a Shorts Video

Youtube is making a major move towards shorter, effective clips with the launch of Youtube Shorts. This new feature for bringing more viewers to your Youtube channel is all about making an impression. Youtube shorts is basically a condensed version of the regular Youtube videos. All of the usual controls are present, but the focus is on making the video as short as possible, actually, up to 15 seconds.

Youtube Shorts makes it easier for you to make smaller clips since it is designed for that kind of purpose. It can be an active tool for marketers and other websites owners to promote their own channels because it gives you the chance to expose your brand or Website to a wider audience. With this new feature, you can create short and effective videos that millions of people can immediately view.

Since Youtube Shorts is basically a condensed version of regular youtube videos, you will see all the usual buttons, like Play, Pause, and Next/Previous. But you also have the option to put in whatever creative content you would like to. The greatest difference is that the length of the video, as it is already mentioned here, the video is limited to just 15 seconds of duration only; it is easy for you to incorporate important keywords and effectively make your channel more accessible.

The Launch of this new Short-form Youtube application marks the biggest shift yet towards video content that is more engaging and less text-based. Some internet users are criticizing Youtube for not doing enough to make the site more interesting. Still, there are actually some compelling reasons behind this move, and those were given below:

  • While Youtube still allows users to upload full movies or other videos, the new app simplifies uploading short videos. The app is designed with Youtube in mind, so it offers many features you would expect from video-sharing sites. For example, users can upload multiple videos onto their accounts without worrying about wasting space on their desktops. They can also decide where they want the thumbnail to appear and easily change their chosen picture’s color, style, and transparency. If you desire to get fancy with your uploaded pictures, you can even set up a background and theme for the whole picture to make it look more attractive.
  • This new Youtube app also offers a platform for third-party integration. The integration makes it easier for fans to promote their businesses using the short clips they have created and gives other website owners the chance to share the videos with their audiences. If the website you manage already has a Youtube channel, you don’t have to start creating and maintaining a separate channel just to let your fans use the short clips feature on your website.
  • If you are a huge fan of viral videos, then you will be interested to know that the Youtube Shorts beta app is compatible with popular social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The social app allows users to add their favorite short clips and share them on all their chosen social platforms. In addition to that, Youtube Shorts allows users to upload an unlimited number of clips – which can potentially drive the size of the storage space used up on your device to huge limits. 

How to Upload Youtube Shorts?


  • Login to your Youtube account
  • Navigate to the channel area
  • Select -> Customization option in Dashboard
  • Then, Click -> Add Section
  • Now, Select -> Short Videos
  • A popup will be shown ” This Section is only visible in the Youtube App.”
  • So, Whatever videos are uploaded via PC can only be viewed in the Youtube app, as it is specifically created for the youtube app.

In Mobile

On a Mobile device, you can create shorts directly from Youtube shorts; for that, Follow these steps,

  • Launch Youtube App
  • You can able to see the ‘+’ Icon on the bottom of the youtube Dashboard.
  • Click on it and select -> Create a Short
  • Record your video up to 15 seconds
  • Then, Tap on -> Tick Icon visible near to the recording button.
  • Here, You have many options to enlighten your video. You can use music, text, filters, or timelines to make your video impressive and unique.
  • After selecting the option, Tap -> Next
  • Add -> Title and Caption for your Youtube Short.
  • Set your Visibility for the Shorts; namely Private, public and Unlisted. You can also schedule the shorts here.
  • Now, Select audience – It means if the video is created for kids or not, Plus is it an age restriction video or not. Choose your options and Tap -> Upload.
  • Now, you can view your Youtube shots in your Library section.


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